Work hard that one day your signature will be called an Autograph

I have been intrigued by photography since the tender age of ten. The fascination of how pictures are made from the click of the shutter to the development of the final image caught my imagination and I have been hooked ever since, carrying a little camera with me wherever I went, making albums upon albums to impress my very supportive family and friends.

I became a serious photographer around 2003 with a strong drive to become a professional, finally achieving my goal in 2007 when I got my first paid shoot and I have never looked back since. The reputation I gained took me to great  places meeting wonderful people. I have worked locally in Bahrain, then abroad shooting industrial locations in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and even shooting fashion in China.

It has always been my ambition to develop my own style in photography, for my images to be instantly recognisable by people in the industry as my own, drawing my inspiration from the great photographers whose imagery inspired me and remain to do so till this day. My work is now acknowledged by the industry and photography societies in Bahrain and abroad. So you could say that I have achieved my goal which gives me the satisfaction and the will to always improve, to push my boundaries, to know no limits.

Well, whether it's portraits, industrial, commercial, fashion, products or even kids, to me it's photography - my passion - and I absolutely love it!